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External Community Project Status Summary

26 June 2009

External Project Status Summary

The external project manager status summary is similar to the project status summary. The PMO Communications Manager should begin with the project status summary and modify it to suit the organization. Modifications include: identifying background information, disclaimers, or explanations need to be added; identifying proprietary or confidential information that should be removed; and, determining who should receive the information.

Evaluate Service

When the Report Status Service is first developed, the PMO should provide online help, courses, and individual executive training to ensure that recipients know how to read the information and use it effectively. In that process, the report project management templates will be developed. Once this is done, evaluations of the format of the status report templates can be relatively infrequent. However, a number of other features of the service need frequent evaluation:

§  Availability. Is everyone who could benefit from the reports receiving them?

§  Timeliness. Is anything interfering with the timely gathering, compilation, and delivery of information?

§  Accuracy. Are reports accurate? If not, what needs to be changed to ensure accuracy?

§  Efficiency of input. Is the mechanism for gathering data streamlined? Is data entered only once. (For example, is timesheet data automatically updated into the project management system as well as the payroll system?)

§  Efficiency of preparation. Is the preparation of status reports cumbersome? Could it be streamlined?

§  Maintenance of contact lists. Are contact lists – both for gathering data and also for delivering reports – easy to maintain and also appropriately secure?

The best tools for these evaluations are very short web-based surveys of stakeholders and customers, including potential customers who may not be aware of the reports available to them.


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