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Project Management Software Program Status Summary

19 June 2009

Sample Project Management Software Program Status Summary

Related projects are organized into programs that meet larger organizational or customer objectives. Senior executives and program stakeholders generally want to know the status of the overall program. The program status summary provides this information. If drill-down reporting is implemented, then the program status summary drills down to the project status summaries, and the project status summaries drill down to the detailed reports.

The program status summary looks similar to the project status summary, except that each item being described is an entire project, not the activities within a project. Here is an using these project management tools example:

Lakefield Township Mini-Mall Construction

Program Status Summary




Has the program plan been changed since the last status report?


Complete this section only if the program plan has been changed since the last status report.

Change of list of projects

Two projects have been added – contracts were awarded for the construction of two additional mini-malls on Route 776, 3 and 4 miles west of town, bringing the total number of mini-malls in the program to twelve.

Change of planned expenses

Revenue for the two new mini-malls is $700,000 each, with net revenue after expenses expected to be $50,000. This brings the project total to $8.6 million gross revenue, and $735,000 estimated net revenue.

Change of planned effort

Because Route 776 will be completed before Route 461, the two new contracts will be placed ahead of the three mini-malls scheduled for Route 461, which will be moved into the next fiscal year.

Program Work Status Summary

Projects recently completed

The Downtown Court Mini-Mall is complete. 80% of the space is leased, and the first tenants are moving in next week.

Active projects

Route 776 malls #1, 2, and 3, and Route 505 mini-malls #4, 8, and 9 are under way.

Projects not yet started

Route 776 mini-malls 11 and 12.

Route 461 Mini-malls 7 and 10.

Status of expenses

Expenses are within 5% of expected totals. See attached spreadsheet.

Status of effort

Effort is running 2% below expected. See attached spreadsheet.

Status of quality

A section of land at the rear of mini-mall #4 is reserved for space for an endangered species of ground-burrowing owls. The exact size of this section is being disputed, because the State Department of Environmental Quality has a different standard than the Federal Environmental Protection Agency. Construction may be delayed by the delay in determining which rule applies. If the State rule applies, then there will be only 7 stores on the lot, instead of 8.

Status of risk

All risks are routine.

Status of issues

All issues are under management within each project, except the environmental issue noted above. If that issue is not resolved in a timely fashion, work crews will be rescheduled to different projects awaiting a decision. A contingency plan with an alternate schedule is already in place.


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