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Sample Detailed Project Status Report

16 June 2009


The following sample detailed project status report shows one to three items in each section of the report for a typical small construction project manager . Note that the actual report would contain several, or even dozens, of lines in each of the tables.

Sample Project Status Summary

The project status summary is a short form highlighting relevant information from the detailed project status report.

Here is an example displaying the same information as the prior form, but in a more readable format:

ABC Office Mini-Mall Construction

Project Status Summary




Has the project been re-baselined since the last status report?

No, the project is operating on the original plan.

Complete this section only if the project has been re-baselined since the last status report.

Change of scope/deliverables


Change of planned expenses


Change of planned effort


Project Work Status Summary

Deliverables recently completed

Excavation complete

Deliverables currently being worked on

Foundation being poured

Status of expenses

Less than 10% over budget due to one extra shift needed and increased materials costs

Status of effort

One schedule, one extra shift added to stay on schedule

Status of quality

Sewerage inspected and approved by county

Status of risk

Only significant risk is the weather, which may cause delays this time of year.

Status of issues

Effort is being made to reduce materials costs through negotiation of bulk, multi-project materials order.



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