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Types of Project Management Status Reports

12 June 2009

Types of Project Management Status Reports

A PMO will typically prepare some or all of these five reports as part of the Report Status Service:

1.      Detailed Project Status Report.

2.      Project Status Summary.

3.      Program Status Summary.

4.      Portfolio Status Summary.

5.      External Project Status Summary.

Detailed project status report. This report holds all information about each project. It includes both up-to-date actual status and information about any re-baselining that has been done. All other reports are summarized from this one. This is the lowest-level target of all drill-down from summaries.

Project status summary. This is a summary of any changes to the baseline project plan , plus actual information about the current status of scope (deliverables), time, cost, risk, and other project factors.

Program status summary. This aggregates information from the project status summaries for all projects in a program and highlights issues related to program success.

Portfolio status summary. This aggregates all information about all projects and highlights information about organizational risk.

External project status summary. This is a modified version of the project management software status summary targeted to people outside the performing organization. It includes more background, and also excludes some detail considered inappropriate for outside review.


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